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15 Best Waterfalls in Puerto Rico w/ Pictures & Tips

With over 500 waterfalls in Puerto Rico, it can be difficult to know which waterfalls to go to in Puerto Rico. Below I’ve narrowed it down to the top 15 Puerto Rican waterfalls and I’ve included additional tips and information on each waterfall, like their prices and difficulty.

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Map of waterfalls in Puerto Rico

1. Juan Diego Falls

Only an hour’s drive from San Juan in El Yunque, Juan Diego Falls is at the top of the list for a reason. Reserve a day pass to visit for only $2 and you will have to go early if you want to avoid crowds.

Along the trail, you will find smaller waterfalls and natural pools to cool off in.

At the main falls, there will be a lot of people but if you go left where the river goes downstream, you can walk along the boulders and enjoy the beautiful natural rain forest in peace.

For an adventure, follow the river upstream to see three more waterfalls but be careful as you may have to go off-trail and it gets steeper and more difficult the further you go.

2. Doña Juana Waterfall

Take a two-hour drive from San Juan to Dona Juana Waterfall. When you get here you won’t have to do much walking as the waterfall is right along road 149 in Orocovis.

Parking along the street is free but be careful as parking can get tight, especially during peak times. Dona Juana may look small from the road but as you get closer you’ll soon realize just how breathtaking it is while surrounded by mountains.

Be sure to bring a towel because this is the perfect waterfall to go for a swim or even go cliff diving from the rocks. Afterward, get a bite to eat from the cozy restaurant across the street.

3. Salto Curet

Salto Curet requires you to drive two and a half hours from San Juan along difficult mountains roads that get washed out often and when you get there you will have a difficult 30 min hike through the woods to see it.

The difficult journey is definitely worth it to once you see and swim in this secluded 100-foot waterfall with crystal clear waters and a serene backdrop. The water here is definitely deep enough to jump from the rocks or use a rope swing.

It’s recommended to wear water shoes as you will have to cross the river twice to get there and the trail is often flooded.

4. Salto de Atalaya

Salto de Atalaya is located at the end of a 1.3-mile trail near Aguada, in the west region of Puerto Rico. As soon as you park you will be greeted with beautiful views that last throughout the entire hike.

Overall the hike is easy but does include a couple of areas with steep inclines that can get slippery when wet. Make sure to bring a towel if you want to go swimming in the river.

After reaching the first waterfall, continue down the trail to the left and cross the river to get to the top of the big waterfall. Continuing to the bottom of the big waterfall is possible but the trail tends to get eaten up by the jungle so it can be a tough hike.

5. La Canoa Falls / Charco El Hippie

La Canoa Falls is located in the subtropical forest on Naguabo and you’ll have to drive on some narrow and steep roads to get there. Once there you can park along the street for free or pay $5 to park in a local’s yard.

If you want to go on an adventure, be sure to hike beyond the lowest natural pool and you can find caves, Taino petroglyphs, and a lot of green scenery.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, ask the locals where the best cliff jumping spot is or use the rope swing that is usually there.

6. Las Delicias Falls

Only a 1h 30 min drive from San Juan, with free parking along the street, Las Delicias Falls is located inside Los Tres Picachos Forest and is easily accessible from road 533 in Ciales.

Take just a few steps to the first waterfall and take a dip in its 3-foot pool. Go for a little climb upstream and you’ll soon reach the second taller waterfall for some awesome photo opportunities.

7. La Coca Falls

Easy access, 1 hour from san juan, $2 for parking.

8. La Mina Falls

Of all the waterfalls in Puerto Rico, La Mina is the most popular. Located in El Yunque, it’s a 1-hour drive from San Juan and is along the la mina trail. You will have to pay $2 for entry into the park and you can reserve your ticket ahead of time on recreation.gov.

9. Charco Prieto

Moderate 1 mile hike, 45mins from San Juan, free. Small waterfalls and pools along the trail to cool off in. Most unique in puerto rico

10. Gozalandia Falls

West side of the island, 2 hours from San Juan. $5 or parking. Easy half-mile hike. 60 Feet tall. 9am to 6 pm

11. Charco El Ataud

.16 mile 5 min hike, 1 hour 45 mins from san juan, free. series of four waterfalls each with a natural pool.

12. Las Paylas

13. La Planta Falls

Half mile hike, 1 hour from san juan, free parking. Used to be a hydroelectric plant, a series of 3 waterfalls with a dam on the second.

14. Salto de Collores

15. Salto Collazo

Easy short hike, free, 1h 40mins from San Juan. Right next to 111 road in San Sebastian. Park on the main road and get down to the waterfall next to the bridge . A second waterfall can be seen further up the trail but is more difficult to get to.

What is the most famous waterfall in Puerto Rico?

The most famous waterfall in Puerto Rico is La Mina Falls, followed by Dona Juana Falls.

What is the tallest waterfall in Puerto Rico?

The highest waterfall with a vertical fall in Puerto Rico is Sana Muertos Waterfall in Morovis. This waterfall sports a fall of approximately 200 feet and it’s located on private property, so visitors need permission to access it.

How many waterfalls in Puerto Rico?

There are around 60 waterfalls that are accessible to the public and over 500 waterfalls in total.

Now that you know which waterfalls in Puerto Rico to visit, go and visit them! I want to hear your stories in the comments below. Even if you only visit one of the waterfalls in Puerto Rico, let me know! Also, don’t forget to put a crayon in your wallet!

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