TSA & Airport Friendly Travel Belts

7 Best TSA Approved Belts and Airport Friendly Belts

Having a TSA-approved belt without any metal means you can leave your belt on at the airport. No more fumbling all over the place to get your belt back on once you get through security.

I’ve spent years looking for the right belt to travel with. I want a travel belt that’s comfortable, easy to use, and versatile enough to wear with all of my clothes.

Below I’ve put together a list of the seven best airport friendly belts that are currently available. If there’s a metal-free travel belt that you think I should include in this list, please let me know in the comment section below.

1. Jelt Belt

Jelt Belts are eco-friendly belts from recycled materials while supporting veterans, kids, and the environment.

Their lightweight, waterproof belt is designed to be durable and rugged with a grippy gel along the inside and a minimal, non-metal buckle.

2. Arcade Metal Free Belts

Sporting a classic look, Arcade belts are made from 100% recycled polyester and are free of any metal.

Their minimal buckle is made from molded plastic and the belt strap has an anti-slip grip to keep it in place.

3. Carbon Fiber Belts

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, handmade belt with a carbon fiber buckle, look no further than Nickel Smart’s Specialist Belt – Non-Metal Carbon Fiber Buckle. The metal-free buckle is hand sewn to the strap ensuring the highest quality.

Self-described “Nickel Allergy Experts”, the Dow family has been in the dermatology and allergy fields for years.

4. Thomas Bates Travel Belts

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Thomas Bates travel belts are an excellent choice. All of their belts come with a metal-free buckle and are very fashionable.

They offer a variety of widths and most of their belts are reversible. Some models even feature a built-in money compartment, so you can keep your cash and valuables close at hand.

5. Beep Free Belts

Beep Free Belts resemble regular metal belts, but are constructed from 100% recycled nylon that won’t make metal detectors beep.

With an array of colors and styles available, these belts are perfect for anyone – including kids!

6. Wyuze No Metal Belts

The Wyuze No Metal Belts are the top-rated metal-free belt on Amazon and I can understand why.

They come in a variety of colors at a really good price.

7. Hoanan Nylon Belts

Hoanan Nylon belts are similar to the Wyuze but made with a YKK plastic buckle, making this almost perfect belt for a really good price.

You can get a 2-pack of these belts for less than $20!

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