The best travel bidets

The Best Travel Bidets: 9 Portable Travel Bidets for Personal Use

If you’re traveling and you want to bring a bidet with you, you’ll want one that’s portable, easy to use, and sprays well. I’ve categorized the following 9 portable travel bidets into three categories: compact bidets, bidet bottles, and electric bidets.

If I’ve missed a travel bidet that you think should be on this list, let me know in the comment section below this post.

Compact Travel Bidets

Having a compact travel bidet is essential if you don’t have much room in your bag. These compact travel bidets are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be added to anyone’s packing list without much thought needed.

1. Tushy Travel Bidet

The Tushy Colabsible Travel Bidet is the most popular option and it sets the bar when it comes to travel bidets.

2. UYICOO Portable Travel Bidet

This is the travel bidet I currently use when I go through hiking. It fits right onto the end of my water bottle and has an elongated spout that’s easy to aim.

3. CuloClean Portable Mini Bidet

This is popular among backpackers and is what I brought when I first went through hiking.

Travel Bidet Bottles

Travel bidet bottles are the most reliable option that has been around for a while.

4. HAPPYPO Portable Bidet

happypo portable bidet

5. Cynpel Peri Bottle

6. GoSpa Travel Bidet Bottle

Electric Travel Bidets

7. TOTO Travel Handy Washlet

Optional travel carrying case available.

8. Mighty Rock Handheld Travel Bidet

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