7 Reasons to Put a Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel

These 7 crayon in wallet tricks will get you to put a crayon in your wallet today. Crayons can be a lifesaver! Whether you’re traveling with family or on a business trip, make sure you don’t forget a crayon. Here are seven reasons why I keep a crayon in my wallet.

7 Reason To Put a Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling - AlexKnoch.com

1. To Write With

A crayon is superior to a pen or pencil when you’re traveling because you don’t have to worry about sharpening it, ink explosions, or getting through TSA.

2. To Keep Kids Occupied

Nothing is worst than having a kid that won’t stay still. Keep your crayon wrapped in some paper and you’ll always have an activity to keep them busy playing hangman or doodling.

3. Keep Your Wallet & Cards Straight

By keeping a crayon in your wallet, you’re going to be keeping your wallet a lot straighter keeping your business cards and hotel key card safe from damage.

4. Child Endangerment

“No, crayons don’t have a hidden homing device that emits a sound when a child is in danger. There are few things more innocuous than a crayon and a sheet of paper if you think a child is in a difficult situation and you want to hand them something that will allow them to write a note without drawing attention. Even if they’ve been kidnapped, a brightly colored crayon is thick and eye-catching enough on a white sheet of paper” – @DrEllenStu

5. Emergency Candle & Fire Starter

Candles make an awesome fire starter and can be used as a candle. Tear up the wrapper around the crayon for some tinder or light the end for a candle that can burn for up to 30 mins!

6. Stop Pickpocketers

When you store your wallet and money in a place that you cannot see or feel, then pickpockets and thieves can easily lift it from you without your notice. By putting a crayon in the fold of a wallet and letting it stick out, you’re more likely to feel it come out of your pocket especially when the thief doesn’t know it’s there.

7. Leave a Waterproof Trail or Markings

If you get lost you can use your crayon to mark the places you’ve been so you know if you’re walking in circles. You can also leave a note on just about anything if people are looking for you.

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