Do hotels charge for stained towels?

Do Hotels Charge for Stained Towels? Stipulations & Fees

If you’re staying at a hotel and you stain a towel you might be asking yourself, do hotels charge for stained towels? And if they do charge you, what kind of fees do they have for a stained towel?

To help answer these questions, I decided to call 100 hotels and ask them directly about their stained towel policies. Below is what I found out.

Do Hotels Charge for Stained Towels?

Yes, hotels charge for stained towels. However, most hotels will not charge you. Of the hotels I contacted, only about 10% of hotels said that they will actually charge you if they find your towels stained.

Higher-end, one-off hotels are the most likely to charge for stained towels and will typically charge the most.

Because white towels are easy to bleach, most stains are easy to get out and many of the hotels I spoke to use outside services to wash their towels.

Laundry services have industrial washing processes that are designed to get stains out, so permanently stained towels rarely happen. Also, laundry services and hotels usually combine all of the towels so it’s hard to single out a single room.

When Do Hotels Charge for Stained Towels?

Hotels charge for stained towels when they have to be replaced or they have to be sent out to get professionally cleaned.

Blood stains, wine stains, and makeup stains are common and hotels typically do not charge for these types of stains.

Nail polish, grease, and chocolate stains are the most common type of stains that hotels do charge for.

One of the most common complaints from hotels is from people using hotel towels to wipe off their car or motorcycle. If you use your hotel towels for cleaning off your vehicles, I would expect a fee.

How Much Do Hotels Charge for Stained Towels?

When hotels do charge for stained towels, on average, they will charge you $25. Of the hotels I contacted, the fees for stained towels ranged from only $5 all the way up to $100.

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