My goal in life is to live life to the fullest, leaving no stone unturned.

I was born in Green Bay, WI in 1995. I don’t remember much from my early years as one of my first memories is of my dad dying when I was only 5 years old.

I was raised by my mom and grandma, spending summers with my dad’s family working on the family farm and helping with my grandparent’s wedding cake business.

Those summers had a significant impact on me. My grandparents would travel across the country selling their lighted cake states and I had the opportunity to go with them.

I was only 8 years old the first time I traveled out of Wisconsin. We went to Washington D.C. for the international cake convention where I sold my first wedding cake stand and was able to see the nation’s monuments and museums.

In the following summers, we would follow the cake convention to New Orleans, Texas, Omaha, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Orlando while making stops and detours along the way in places like St. Louis, Branson, and Mexico. Always driving in a van stuffed, Tetris style, in order to maximize the amount of product we could sell.

Because of my dad, my mom enrolled me into Big Brothers Big Sisters when I was 7 and the couple that I got matched to was amazing. I learned a lot from them and they even brought me to South Dakota when I was 10 and to Colorado a few years later.

After dropping out of college I became a pizza delivery guy while developing Android apps and websites. I eventually moved on to sales at a furniture store where I became the top sales guy out of 176 stores and was making six figures.

I eventually got burned out and no longer enjoyed being a sales guy so I quit and decided to go on a road trip in my old Ford Winstar van. Little did I know that it would break down before I even got to the border.

Instead of giving up and going back to Green Bay, I decided to try hitchhiking across the country. I packed up my school bag with only the bare essentials that I thought I would need and left my van abandoned in a Kwik Trip parking lot.

That summer was life-changing. Over the course of 5 months, I would hitchhike across the states to California before making my way back to Green Bay for the Winter.

My view of the world had changed greatly that summer, I knew my purpose was not to be successful in business but it was to experience as much of this ever-changing and growing world as I could.

That winter I decided to get a job at one of the fanciest restraraunts in town where I learned how to cook everything from blow fish to venison. I saved all my money that winter and sold my website,, so I could travel internationally.

I decided to travel to Cancun for my first international trip and I ended up staying in the Yucatan peninsula for 3 months before randomly finding a cheap ticket to Bogota and flying to Colombia for a couple of months where I stayed until Covid became to spread.

Places I’ve Been

Washington D.C.

New Orleans, Louisana

Deadwood, South Dakota

Grapevine, Texas

Omaha, Nebraska

San Diego, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Orlando, Florida

Hitchhiking Trip

Cancun, Mexico

Bogota, Colombia

National Park Road Trip

Cancun, Mexico

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

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