Puerto Rico Black Sand Beach

Playa Negra: Black Sand Beach in Puerto Rico

Playa Negra is a rare and beautiful black sand beach in Puerto Rico on the small island of Vieques. With magnetic black sand and relaxing waves, Puerto Rico’s black sand beach is definitely worth a visit.

You can see some black sand on other beaches around the island such as Playa Cofi on the north coast and Punta Arenas on the far west end of the island but not as much as you’ll see here at Playa Negra.

Originally named “Playa Negrita” in 2004, Playa Negra is a relatively new attraction and was kept a secret by locals for many years and for good reason.

This black beach was able to stay secret for such a long time because of how secluded it is. Located east of the Blue Horizon Boutique Resort, Play Negra is off the beaten path and you’ll have to traverse a small stream to get there.

Make sure to bring some sunblock as there’s very little shade. Once you arrive, the struggles will definitely be worth it when you have this beautiful black beach all to yourself.

Why Is The Sand Black In Playa Negra?

The sand is black in Playa Negra due to nearby volcanic activity, specifically from the Monte Pirata area.

Rainstorms frequently wash the black sand down from the volcanic peak and during dry times, the sand will become less black as it washes into the ocean.

The black sand found on Playa Negra is formed from a mixture of limestone, sandstone, and volcanic bedrock that was produced by cooling magma from the very volcanos that formed the island.

Taking a Ferry to Puerto Rico’s Black Sand Beach

Because Play Negra is located on an island, you’ll have to take a ferry to Vieques from Puerto Rico’s mainland.

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