Felon Travel Restrictions

Passports for Felons: Can a Convicted Felon Get a Passport?

If you’re a felon and you want to travel, there are certain travel restrictions you have to follow, especially when it comes to getting a passport and finding felon friendly countries.

To help out, I’ve put together a list of all the felon travel restrictions I could find for felons in the United States. If there’s something I missed or that should be changed, please let me know in the comment section below.

Can a Felon Get a Passport?

A felon can get a passport as long as they don’t have any pending charges or cases, aren’t currently on parole or probation, and weren’t convicted of crimes where borders were crossed or where international travel would pose a threat.

What Felonies Disqualify You From Getting a Passport?

The types of felonies that can disqualify you from getting a passport include treason, federal drug convictions, and crimes in which international travel occurred including any kind of trafficking or smuggling.

Other Reasons You Might Not Be Able to Get a Passport

Even if you aren’t disqualified from getting a passport for having a felony, you can still be disqualified for any of the following:

  • Incomplete, Inadequate, or Inaccurate Information Was Provided
  • Your Passport Photo Doesn’t Meet Requirements
  • You’re Behind on Child Support By More Than $2,500
  • You’re a Minor Without Parent Approval
  • Insufficient Payment Was Received
  • You’ve Been Declared Legally Incompetent
  • You Owe Back Taxes of $51,000 or More

For more information, check out my post: What Disqualifies You From Getting a Passport? All 9 Things.

Can Felons Leave the Country?

Felons can leave the country as long as they don’t have any pending charges, cases, or probation. They must also have a valid passport and they must be accepted into any country they wish to go to.

For a complete list of felon travel restrictions by country check out: A List of Countries a Convicted Felon Can & Can Not Travel To.

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