Smoking Weed In The Hotel Room

How to Smoke Weed in a Hotel Room and Not Get Caught

Staying in a hotel can be a lot of fun, but smoking weed in a hotel room can be a bit tricky. Knowing how to smoke weed in a hotel room without getting caught can bring your trip to the next level.

If you’re in a place where weed is legal, the best thing to do is to smoke outside. You won’t get a cleaning fee and you can keep that stinky bud outside.

If you’re somewhere where marijuana is illegal or you just want to be inside while you smoke, be sure to follow the following tips, and don’t get upset if you get charged an extra cleaning fee.

First, close all the windows and doors in the room to help contain the smell. A damp towel under the door can also help to keep the smell from escaping.

Next, use a smoking device that doesn’t produce a lot of smoke, like a vape pen or e-nail.

Find a good place to smoke. The bathroom is usually a good option because the fan will help to ventilate the smoke.

You can cover up the smell of your pot smoke by burning some popcorn and placing it by your door or even lighting some incense while you smoke.

If you want to be really careful, you can also use a sploof like a Sploofy, Smoke trap, or Smokebuddy and exhale your smoke through it to allow for the activated carbon to soak up that dank smell.

Finally, be sure to dispose of your smoking materials properly so that housekeeping doesn’t find them.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to smoke weed in your hotel room without getting caught. Just be sure to exercise caution and use common sense, and you’ll be fine!

Alex Knoch

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