How To Not Get Sick In Mexico

How To Not Get Sick In Mexico w/ 15 Tips & Tricks

Learning how to not get sick in Mexico is really important if you want to actually enjoy your vacation instead of being stuck in bed for a week.

How To Not Get Sick In Mexico w/ 15 Tips & Tricks

After spending over a year in Mexico I’ve been able to learn these awesome tips and tricks that I want to share with you today so you don’t end up sick in Mexico.

Food Poisoning in Mexico

Avoiding food poisoning in Mexico is easy as long as you only eat fully cooked food that is still hot when you get it.

Are Salads Safe in Mexico?

I tend to stay away from anything cold like salads because they are the most likely to harbor E.coli and other bad things.

Salads also tend to be washed in water, and you know what they say about the water in Mexico…

Can You Drink The Water in Mexico?

You should not drink the water in Mexico straight from the tap. It’s best to use filtered water or bottled water. If you do drink the water from the tap, make sure to boil it and filter it beforehand.

Why does water in Mexico make you sick?

The water in Mexico will make you sick because it’s not treated and can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Can you drink the water in Cancun?

No, you cannot drink the water in Cancun. It is not any different than elsewhere in Mexico.

Ice in Mexico

Ice in Mexico is a debatable topic. Some people will say it’s safe while others say to avoid it altogether. The truth is, the ice is probably safe.

Locals know that the water is unsafe to drink and will use filtered water to make their ice or buy premade ice at the local Oxxo store.

Is ice safe in Mexico City?

The best way to know if the ice in Mexico city is safe is to ask if it’s filtered ice. As long as the ice wasn’t made from tap water and it’s still 100% frozen, it should be safe.

Can you have ice in Cancun?

The safety of the ice in Cancun is no different than elsewhere in Mexico. It’s probably safe and you can always ask if it is filtered or purified to make sure.

15 Tips & Tricks on How to Not Get Sick in Mexico

I’ve been to Mexico over 5 times and from spending over 6 months there, I’ve learned these 15 tips and tricks that help me from getting sick in Mexico.

1. Ask for “Agua purificada”

2. Eat Street Food

3. Bring Antidireheal Medicine

4. Bring Anti-Hangover Medicine

5. Don’t Be Afraid of The Farmacias & Consultorios

6. Use Hand Sanitizer

7. Bring a Water Bottle with a Built-in Filter

8. Make Sure Your Hot Food Is Hot

9. Make Sure Your Cold Food is Cold

10. Eat At The Busy Places

11. Watch The Employee’s Cleanliness

12. Ask Your Taxi or Uber Driver

13. Prepare With Immune System Boosters

14. Brush Your Teeth With Bottled Water

15. Be Careful With Shower Water

How To Not Get Sick In Mexico w/ 15 Tips & Tricks
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